Hand Knitted Baby Clothes And Handmade Crochet

All our knitted baby clothes are lovingly hand-made by Granny who has been making these beautiful creations for many years for her own children and grand children.

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Hand Knitted Baby Clothes – Made To Order

Granny makes all our knitted baby clothes and crochet baby wear by hand.  Each item is available in various colours/sizes and therefore made to order. Please check each item for the estimated time for dispatch. All clothes are suitable for babies and reborn dolls.

Crochet is a versatile craft that involves creating fabric from yarn or thread using a crochet hook. Derived from the French word “crochet,” which means hook, this technique consists of pulling loops of yarn through other loops to form various stitches and patterns. Similar to knitting, crochet allows for the creation of a wide range of items, from clothing and accessories to home decor and toys.

One of the main differences between crochet and knitting is that in crochet, only one loop is active at a time, with the exception of Tunisian crochet. Additionally, crochet utilizes a single crochet hook instead of knitting needles. This gives crocheters more control over the shape and texture of their projects, allowing for intricate designs and detailed embellishments.

Knitting is a craft that involves creating loops, known as stitches, by pulling yarn through each other. These active stitches are held on a needle until more loops are added. Knitting can be done by hand or by machine, offering various styles and techniques. When knitting by hand, there are numerous methods and styles.

Flat knitting, for instance, can be achieved using two straight needles or a circular needle. This technique produces a piece of fabric with a flat shape. Circular knitting, on the other hand, is performed using circular or double-pointed needles. This method creates a seamless tube of fabric, perfect for projects like hats or socks.

Whether knitting by hand or machine, the craft offers endless possibilities for creating garments, accessories, and decorative items. From intricate lacework to cozy sweaters, knitting allows for creativity and self-expression while producing beautiful and functional pieces.